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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself:

Do We Deliver?

Yes we deliver using Fastways for packages under 30Kg. nationwide next day service. Packages above this weight can be transported on a pallet or delivered by us.

Can we print banners for parties from your photos?

Yes send us your photos and we can print any size!

Can we cover your outdoor furniture?

Yes – we do quality bespoke furniture covers that are built to last.

Can we repair side Curtains on Truck?

Yes we offer a drive-in repair service. Call 01 8350733 for booking.

If I buy and "Off the shelf " tarpaulin, can you amend the size?

Yes that’s no problem. We can add more eyes and amend the shape of any cover.

Why are some tapaulins more expensive than others?

Basically its down to Quality. We supply every type of cover from tarpaulins wanted for shorterm jobs or covering low value items to the highest spec heavy duty PVC tarps that will whithstand heavy weather for years. for more information call 01 8350733 to discuss with one of our friendly and knowledgable staff.

Can I leave my boat or trailer there to be covered?

Yes. Some items are difficult to measure and may not be symmetrical. We can keep your trialer/boat or vehicle for a couple of days to make the best fitting cover for it.

Is there a limit to the size of a tarpaulin?

Not with us. We can make a tarp any size, any shape. The only limiting factor might be the weight from a customedr perspective. The bigger the tarp the more difficult it is to handle for the end user

Do we re sew and repair Boat covers?

Yes, we repair and manufacture spray hoods, cockpit covers and dodgers for boats. Quite often windows need to be replaced which is part of the repair service we offer.

Are there any other items you print that aren't on the website?

Yes, We print vis vests de-cals and lots more. Just calus on 01 8350733 to ask. We also can supply cut out lettering and shapes for protruding signs.

FAQ For Printing And Banners

Can’t find the answer?

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